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Cenon 3.8.2 - at a glance

This page gives an overview of the new features in Cenon 3.8.x. Each major feature with an image and short explanation.
The screenshots on this page show the OpenStep user interface.

Contour Panel

Contour Panel

Das Kontur-Panel wurde erweitert:

Panel has now it's own Unit Popup.
switch, whether to replace the source graphics (or keep it)
Ebenso kann gewählt werden welcher Kontur-Algorithmus verwendet wird.

Mit einer 0 als Abstand können einfarbige Bilder Vektorisiert werden.

Batch Printing

Nutzen      Nutzen

Batch printing (Multiples) added, including serial numbers

Damit können bequem ... ???

Transform Panel

Transform Panel

now with a nice bar of Icons to look better and work faster.


Tangential Knife:

before lowering the knife without XY-Vector, the knife will be turned in the direction of the next vector (Lines so far).


Tool-Dimaters are supported up to one meter.


direct conversion from TextPath to Path.


number of undos increased to 25 instead of 10.


for Excellon, the tools can be defined within the file.


display all correct points for selected handles.


with Control + Mouse you can drag/get Curve control points within a path.




works on Power PC with OS X >= 10.4.7

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