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List of advancements of Cenon CAM versions 3.8x.


3.8.3 (2007-07-28 - in the works)

  • Text, Fix: editing text now works in changing scales
  • Inspector (Apple): Inspector now resizable
  • Help (Apple): PDF-Documentation is available via the Help Menu
  • Apple: Window background is transparent now (not white like document)
  • CAM-Panel (Apple): Switches are now On/Off with Switchboxes,
    Tool-Details: Adjust-Switch is now On/Off
  • Apple: Saving Cenon documents as ASCII-Propertylist is active now (Preferences Switch) ...but does nothing.. maybe later? (ask Apple)
  • Apple, Fix: Calculation of tracks for vertical centered Text places text at correct position
  • Improvements of Punch, Join, Pickout, ...
3.8.3 pre 1 (Apple only):
  • Apple, Fix: Calculation of tracks for vertical centered Text places text at correct position
  • New: menu item "Display -> Show/Hide Coordinates" to toggle the presence of the coordinate box of document (more space)
  • Inspector: Lock switch for crosshairs
  • Gerber-Export: improvements with multiple layers
  • DXF-Import: improvements with closed Polygons
  • Contour calculation improved
  • Apple, Fix: arcs with zero line width are printed with default line width
  • Apple, Fix: Build Contour of vertical centered Text positions result correctly
  • Apple, Fix: move graphic objects with cache, scaled (workaround)
  • Apple, Fix: move vortex of graphic objects with cache, scaled (workaround)
  • Apple, Fix: rotate graphic objects with cache, scaled (workaround)
  • Cenon.ph: New Domain registered
3.82 (2007-01-02)

  • Tangential Knife: before lowering the knife without XY-Vector, the knife will be turned in the direction of the next vector (Lines so far).
  • Tool-Dimaters are supported up to one meter
  • Fix, Layer-Details: for Step-Wise lowering, the number of steps is limited to 99
  • New: Batch printing (Multiples) added, including serial numbers
  • New: Contour-Panel:
    switch, whether to replace the source graphics (or keep it)
    Panel has now it's own Unit Popup
  • New: convert TextPath to Path
  • New, Editing: with Control + Mouse you can drag Curve points within a path
  • TransformPanel: now with a nice bar of Icons to look better
  • Undo: number of undos increased to 25 instead of 10
  • DIN-Import: for Excellon, the tools can be defined within the file
  • Fix, Curve-Inspector: display correct points for selected handles
  • Fix, HPGL-Import: Labels fixed
  • Fix, Join:
    two paths or polylines are joined by keeping the order
    Undo with two closed paths corrected
  • Fix, Path: Undo works when moving several points in a path
  • Fix, Arc: 360 degree snap works better now
  • Fix, Snap: snapping to itself removed
  • Fix, Select: Selecting a point no longer creates a move point undo step
  • Fix, Punch: Undo added for groups
  • Fix, Punch: Undo without crash
  • Fix, Inspector: changing color on non-editable layer leaves color well with correct color
  • Fix, Layer-Inspector: redraw Layer, if non-editable and visible layer is turned to editable
  • Fix, Text: editing at the top of a window now scrolls the text to visibility
  • Fix, DXF-Import: close of polylines corrected to work in all cases
  • Apple, PDF-Import: works on Power PC with OS X >= 10.4.7
  • GNUstep: Our patch for loading images from it's bundle has been applied
  • More details
3.81 (2006-06-25)

  • New, PCB: New raster algorithm for fast and error free calculation of printed circuit boards with line filling.
  • Layer-Panel: don't allow a tool for special layers like Leveling or Clipping
  • Leveling: new option #LEVT to keep the tool during leveling
    "#LEVT 1" will keep the tool, a missing entry or 0 will deselect the tool before starting leveling.
  • Leveling: If origin is lower/left, we don't add the height of the rectangle
  • Output: more tolerant with multiple instruction commands
  • Fix, CAM-Preferences: Setting of Device works at once
  • Apple: instant display of output tracks
  • Apple: Universal Binaries
  • Pfad, Arc Editing: Snap to own points implemented
  • Join Improvements and fixes
  • Gerber-Import: special treatment of Eagle deviation from specifications
  • Editing: The first click to an object will select the object but not the control point
  • PS-Import: glyphshow operator added
  • Fix, Batch production: change of limits repaired
  • Fix, Punch: ignore text
  • GNUstep: Flatten text works again with new GNUstep libraries
  • GNUstep: Improved display with antialiasing
  • GNUstep: some fixes
  • many more improvements
3.80 (2005-11-28)

  • Control-Panel: New button to get machine position from CNC controller. This allows setting of the starting position at the machine.
  • Control-Panel: Revolution and Feed can be altered relatively during output
  • CNC950: Canceling the output during long vectors is now much improved (no delay)
  • Fix, CNC950: When Canceling the output a clean situation is restored
  • Fix, CNC950 (#THR 0): wait for the machine before manual tool change
  • Fix, CNC950: Levelling measures last row
  • Fix, XYZ-Config: #SWn is restored to default when loading a configuration without
  • GNUstep, CAM-Panel: Resizing of the panel now works
  • Batch-Production: Moving of the master graphics to Null is an option now. The Master graphics moves to the cross hair origin now (not absolute Null).
  • Batch-Production: The distance from object to object can now be set absolute as well as relative.
  • Contour Fill: Filling without gaps for much less overlap
  • Safety, Layer-Panel: Correction and Fill-Icons are only active for layer which are visible and editable.
  • Fix, Magazine: Special parameters of thread cutters are saved
  • Fix, Output: Output of rectangles accounts for the cutting direction
  • Fix, Sinking: inverted cutting direction (clockwise). Direction arrow can be displayed for sinkings.
  • Fix, Combi-Thread-Cutter: Cutting of holes inverted (clockwise)
  • Fix, Combi-Thread-Cutter: vertical lowering (approach angle = 0) only with 10% of feed
  • Layer-Details: Approach angle may be 0, which results in vertical lowering (like 90°)
  • Fix, CAM-Panel (Apple, GNUstep): Coming back from Layer-Details and Tool-Details by click on the same Tab.
  • New, Import: Import to existing layer by comparing layer names
  • New, Import: Import to existing layer by comparing colors with objects on the layer
  • Preferences: New entry "Select by border" to select filled objects at border only
  • Copy/Paste: lock is not copied
  • PolyLine: allows snap to own points
  • Fix, DXF-Import: closing of a PolyLine with an arc added
  • Fix, DXF-Import: fill color of stroked objects now defaults to stroke color
  • Fix, Punch with Rectangle: rectangles with rounded corners are displayed correctly
  • Fix, Rotate: more precise (excenter removed)
  • Fix, Apple: Contour of mirrored text is now placed correctly
  • Apple: Graphics cache is now available (Preferences switch is active)
  • Apple: Preferences switch to turn off Antialiasing activated
  • Fix, Radial Fill: fill center is saved correctly
  • Fix, Radial Fill: center stays inside box, when object is rotated
  • Fix, Group: grouping with activated color well doesn't change color
  • Copy/Paste: PDF Pasteboard Type added for Apple

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