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List of changes for Cenon CAM Version 5.0.x.


5.0.5 (2023-10-02)

  • Universal Binary: 64-Bit Intel/Arm, Mac OS >= 10.9
  • Output (Start): "Graphic out of range!" warning without "Cenon Expert"-Preference, aborts output now
  • Fix, Output (Display): works again without "Cenon Expert" set in Preferences (crashed in Mac OS >= 10.15 ?)

  • Batch: Serial-Number inside group
  • Fix, Batch (Mac OS >= 10.15): batch with Serial-Number not displaying serial-numbers and rectangles properly
  • Fix, Window Snapshot: order of window-tabs (with more than two Tabs) corrected (during restore)
  • Fix, Open-Panel (Mac OS >= 10.15): workaround to make Options wor again
  • Fix, Inspector (Mac OS 13): Accessory-Inspector was losing it's content with Mac OS 13
  • Fix, Transform-Panel: Arcs and Curves in paths were not aligned correctly
5.0.4 (2023-03-21)

  • Universal Binary: 64-Bit Intel/Arm, Mac OS >= 10.9
  • Fix, CAM-Panel (Leveling): exception and potential crash fixed, when opening tab of Leveling-Layer [since 5.0.4b1]
  • Fix, Composite Window: Text Ruler didn't show up any more after editing a Text-Field of a Panel in the Composite Window
  • Fix, CAM-Panel, Composite-Window, Transform-Panel: extensive Fixes for exceptions and crash with Mac OS 13 (Ventura)
  • Fix: iPad-Control: issue with data transfer from Cenon on Mac OS 13 (negative values turned 0 on iPad)

  • Fix, Dark-Mode: German Document had coordinates black on dark background [since 5.0.0]
    Dark-Mode: new text appears black (on white background), or white on dark background (not white on white) [Mac OS >= 11 ?]
    The Editor always has a white background and a black cursor (nothing else makes sense in a graphics program)
  • Fix, Join: Path consisting of full arcs only, is beeing sorted from inside to outside now
  • Fix, UpdatePanel: download updated info for new builds, for example: 5.0.4 build 2 (
  • Fix, CAM-Panel, Transform-Panel, Composite-Window: extensive Fixes for exceptions and crash with Mac OS 13
  • Fix, Document: y-position of Zoom-PopUp for English interface with Mac OS 13
5.0.3 (2022-05-23)

  • Flexible-Automation: more operations and almost all graphics elements added (except text)
    Examples in: Cenon.app/Contents/Library/CAM/Jobs/FlexAuto
    OR: /Library/Application Support/Cenon/CAM/Jobs/FlexAuto (old style packages)
  • Fix, Pick-Out: filling with small diameter of conical tool improved
  • Fix, Pick-Out: almost horicontal/vertical lines are now calculated correctly
  • Fix, Pick-Out/Contour-Fill: complex designs are calculated very good now (no more points outside the boundaries with this)
  • Fix, Pick-Out (outside): works again with "Raster Algorithm" (for Mac OS >= 10.1?)
  • Fix, Path-Contour: with full arc inside
  • Fix: Contour/Pick-Out: improved for Arcs
  • Fix: Contour (Parallel Curves): assign the desired start and end to the parallel curve
  • Fix, Contour/Inlay: improved calculation for short (bridging) lines
  • Fix, Contour, Open (left/right): crash fixed
  • Fix, Standard-Fill: improved for angled Paths
  • Fix, Contour-Fill: some more fixes (no points outside the range of graphic any more)
  • Fix, Arcs: when splitting an Arc, remove points below tolerance
  • Fix, Images: lighter colors of colored images are recognized again
  • Fix, Licensing: minor issue (for Updates) with Library inside App-folder fixed
  • Fix, Camera-Offset: camera-offset is updated without re-reading the camera points
  • Fix, Camera: more than 20 makers inside camera view crashed
  • Fix, Layer-Panel: number of Z-steps a little wider to make Mac OS display two digits again [since Mac OS 10.14 ?]
  • Fix, Composite Window: opening a document displays the Zoom-field (if it fits in window width)
5.0.2 (2021-11-05)

  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: warning to check grid markers appears earlier
  • Fix, Helix output: Crash/Exception fixed [since 5.0.1 beta 5]
  • Fix, Output: make output work with M1 Macs
  • Grid: you can manually set a grid size below which the grid is invisible but still functional
    defaults write com.Cenon gridVisibleSpacing 8
  • Fix, Arc contour: Crash for 359.9x degree arc; was not splitted into two arcs near 360.0 degree [also 4.1.5]
  • Fix, DXF-Import: elliptical Arcs (sections of a true ellipse) have correct start/end angles
  • Universal Binary: 64-Bit Intel/Arm, >= Mac OS 10.9 only
  • Fix, Image contour: good contour also for compressed images (they have a bad contrast to the background)
  • Fix, DXF-Import: potential exception fixed, if "0 TABLE 2 LAYER" is followed by another "2" (which is a bug in the DXF file)
  • Fix, DXF-Import: crash fixed for Splines with 0 control points
  • Fix, DXF-Import: POLYLINE with frame control points was messed up
  • Internal: Language folders English, German -> en, de (ISO)
  • Intern: compiled with newer XCode 12.4
  • Intern: all executables moved to Contents/PlugIns folders
  • Fix, Graduate Fill: issue with Apple M1 CPUs fixed
  • Fix, PolyLine: potential crash (Overflow) when copying a PolyLine via Copy Layer
  • Fix, DXF-Import: Polylines were placed on layer of Vertex instead of PolyLine
5.0.1 (2020-12-11)

  • Fix, CAM-Panel: don't draw inside a nil-context (warning fixed)
  • Fix, Camera: less CPU. if the Machine-View is displayed instead of the Camera-Image, remove the camera-image
  • Fix, Camera: CPU and port usage optimzed
  • Fix, Output-Loop: now we wait realy until user press the button befor sending next output data
  • Fix, Dongle: port/memory leak fixed
  • Fix, Camera: make it work in Composite-Window again [since 5.0.1 beta 1]
  • Fix, Composite-Window, CAM-Panel: mouse click to the CAM area activates the keys for the arrow buttons (input focus) [since 5.0.0 b1]
    (a click to Doc area disables keys)
  • Fix, Composite-Window, CAM-Panel: with Mac OS <= 10.10, key shortcuts to move machine could alo enter text [since 5.0.0 b43]
  • Fix, Output: a helix with zero radius in output-path could have crashed (is now machined with a move to the center)
  • Fix, Output: Don't allow closing window during output (crash) [since ever]
  • Fix, Composite-Window: don't open with Color-Panel to avoid potential crash [since beta 5]
  • Fix, Output: lift z to move-Height right before waiting for Cenon to read out remaining return values from controller
  • Fix, Output: stop spindle, if we get an error
  • Fix, Output: Crash/Exception with helix fixed (probably due to compiler modifications)
  • Restore Window Snapshot, New, Open, Import: open document windows without Tab Bar for single windows
    (for Mac OS >= 10.13 only, Mac OS 10.13 always worked)
  • Open-Panel: display accessory view for Mac OS >= 10.11 (Accessory not working in Mac OS 10.15)
  • Fix, Inspector-Panel: don't draw inside a nil-context (warning fixed) (Mac OS >= 10.1?)
  • Fix, Inspector-Panel: update selection dot in layer inspector panel (Mac OS >= 10.14)
  • Fix, SVG-Import: crash for certain text,
    text attributes (position, ...) for certain text added
  • Fix, New Installation: User Library was still created in HOME/Library/Cenon (and moved the 2nd start) [since 3.9]
  • Fix, New installation: crash because of missing User-Library for Log file [since 5.0.0b1]
5.0.0 (2020-01-23)

  • New, Aggregate Window: combines Document + Editing-Tools + Inspector + CAM-Panel + Panels in one window
    Preference-Setting (CAM): to open all Documents in Aggregate window
    Project-Setting (CAM): to have a certain project opened in Aggregate window
  • New, Cenon Control for iPad
    iPad App for machine-control (via Cenon CAM > 5.0)
    Preferences (CAM): the permission to connect can be disabled
  • New, CAM-Panel: Vertical Tabs.
    Terminal command for standard horicontal Apple tabs:
    defaults write com.Cenon verticalTabView -bool NO
  • New, CAM-Panel Control: Start/Continue, Pause/Stop buttons (no Alertbox any more for Pause)
  • New, CAM-Panel Control: Machine View (right Side) to position machine, switch vacuum tables and stoppers Mouse click at position moves machine there
    Vacuum table matrix switching by mouse (more below)
    Stoppers can be switched by a mouse click (more below)
  • New, CAM-Panel: display estimated time and true time of the output job in the lower/left corner of the CAM-Panel (if "display output" switch is on)
  • New, CAM-Panel Layer: display estimated time for each layer (if "display output" switch is on)
  • New, CAM-Panel Layer: output-order can be changed from "bottom to top" [Default] to "top to bottom"
  • New, CAM-Panel Layer: layers with selected graphics are marked by a dot
  • New, CAM-Panel Control: Camera-Panel is now embedded in right half of CAM-Panel additional control "M" / "C" in Control-Panel to change between Machine-View and Camera-View
  • New, Fast Webs (bridges): webs lift up to last step, or their height (Inspector). Rectangular webs are lifted quickly and lowered slow, all other cases are driven with XY feed.
    web output either as sinus or rectangular path
  • New, Layer-Tool: tool parameters for layer (over-riding parameters of assigned tool). Layers with modified tool paramters (compared to magazine) are marked by a cross.
  • New: Smoothing Layer
    This passive layer can be created from within the Layer-Details. The smoothing layer maintains it's own dipping depth and other parameters.
  • New, Magazine: copy tool
  • New, Repeating Outputs via external Trigger: output one job repeatedly in a loop by an external trigger (port)
    The feature needs an entry in the device File, for example:
        output loop command (vhf CNC 950)       #LOP "WI5,0,0,2;WI5,1,0,2;"
        output loop command (NC M-Code)         #LOP "M66 P5 L1 Q3600" 
  • New, Pick-Out (Carving) from outside: carving of raised paths
    (so far carving was supported for engraving (recessed) only)
  • New, Passive layers: suffix of passive layer names:
    "-F" = filling layer (Pic-Out/Carving), "-C" = Contour-Layer (Pick-Out/Carving), "-S" = smoothing layer
  • New, Multi-Head (Option):
    multiple Machine Areas: support for multiple machine areas, defined by an offset in the device configuration (.dev).
    The machine area of the selected layer is displayed by a gray rectangle.
    The output is veryfied for range violations (when pressing Start), tests consider the assigned tool type.
        knife offset XY to spindle [mm]         #KOF -10.0 -10.0
        measure tool  offset XY to spindle [mm] #MOF 10.0 10.0 
  • New Camera-Positioning (Option): position the machine with the help of a camera (even without the camera option)
    All you need is a camera and our video grabber.
    (cameraOffset in device config (.dev) has to be set, for example: #COF 90.05 -21.85)
  • You can activate a Camera-Positioning mode to move the machine automatically to the spindle-position at start, and back to camera-position afterwards.
    Example device configuration:
        camera offset (X Y Angle)              #COF 90.0 -21.8 0
        camera position mode (0 = off, 1 = on) #CPM 0

  • New, Camera-Light: you can turn on a camera light during output. Example device configuration:
        camera light ON                        #LON "OS3,1;"
        camera Light OFF                       #LOF "OS3,0;"

  • New, Camera rotation angle: to rotate camera image to fit machine orientation (in case camera can't be rotated).
    0, 90, 180, 270 degrees are supported [0 = default].
        camera offset XY from tool [mm] angle [deg] #COF 90.05 -21.85 90 
  • New, Preferences-Setting to change between Co- and Counter-Rotation/direction (default = YES = counter direction)
  • Neu, Project-Settings to set Co- and Counter-Rotation/direction for a document (default for old files = YES = counter direction; new files are set according to preferences).
  • New, Support for Laser Safety-Scanner (debug level 5)
    example configuration for device file (.dev):
        /* laser queries and restart 
         //                                     LQS "Query1" "Answer1" "Query2" "Answer2"
         laser check 1+2 (<- I14=0/1)          #LQS "?IA14;" "I14=" "?IA15;" "I15=" 
         //                                     LRS "Reset1"  "Reset2"
         laser restart                         #LRS "OA13,1;" "OA13,0;" 
  • New, Vacuum Table Matrix
    example configuration for device file (.dev):
         /* vacuum tables (matrix)
          * command allows 1 (value), 2 (port+value) or 3 (addr+port+value) parameters
          * matrix to layout the vacuum matrix:
          *   X = number of vacuum tables in x (0 = Left) 2, 3
          *   Y = number of vacuum tables in y (0 = Low)  0, 1 
          *   vMin, vMax, vInc define the range of the values
         // single vacuum table (On/Off)          VAC " val" X Y min max inc
         vacuum table ("CMD" X Y vMin vMax vInc) #VAC "OS2,%d;" 1 1 0 1 1
         // vhf Sign X vacuum matrix                  "add prt val" X Y min max inc
         vacuum table ("CMD" X Y vMin vMax vInc) #VAC "!V%dP%d=%d;" 2 4 0 100 100
         // matrix translation tables for address and ports (defaults = 0)
         // index = y * cntX + x (row by row, LL to UR)
         // example (x = 2, y = 2): 2, 3
         //                         0, 1
         vacuum matrix addr ... (default = 0)    #VXA 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
         vacuum matrix port ... (default = 0)    #VXP 15 35 55 75 15 35 55 75 
  • New, Stoppers
    example configuration for device file (.dev):
         /* Stoppers
          * command supports two values only (port, status)
          *   X = number of stoppers along x axis
          *   Y = number of stoppers along Y axis (negative: display stoppers at top)
          * translation table is a list of ports along x axis, then y axis (start counting at LL
         //                                      STP " prt val" X Y
         stopper ("CMD" X Y)                    #STP "OS%d,%d;" 2 -3
         stopper x ports, y ports (default = 0) #SXP 6 7 3 4 5 

  • New in Working Area Panel: list of standard formats (A4, A3, Letter, ...), saving of a custom size.
    configuration file (located in Cenon.app): "WorkingArea.plist" (can be copied to: User-Library or Global-Library)
    A New documents opens in the size saved from Working-Area Panel
  • New, Log-Panel: display Cenon-Log files in Cenon, Menu: Help->
    Location of log file location = "../Cenon/Logs/Cenon.log"
  • New, Menu: File > "Open Recent" menu
  • New, Menu: Window > Order window to the back, or Command+Click on window title
  • New, G-Code Import: Cenon now can import some G-Code data.
    Moves are ignored, since they currently make no sense in Cenon.
    G-Code data usually is prepared output for a machine, not graphic data, as expected by Cenon.
    The G-Code Import is currently more useful as preview than to import data for manufacturing.
    If you still want to send the imported data to a machine, you currently need to do serious editing.
  • New in Inspector: layer pane marks selected layers with a dot
  • New, Dark Mode support for Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave):
    1. Dark Mode for Document Backgrounds: inverted grid color, crosshair color, batch areas
      Currently this can only be activated from command line:
      defaults write com.cenon enableDarkDocument -bool YES
    2. Switch in Project-Settings to enable Dark Mode for document content (default background color only):
      gray colors are inverted, example white / black.
      This setting includes a dark background (1).

  • cosmetic improvements of Panels, white arrow icons, ...
  • Web Inspector: width field added to Web inspector (was via stroke width inspector only)
    Web height field added (height could only be set via final step in Layer-Details).
  • Project-Settings (Camera): disable checkbox for center, if not applicable (only with "Transform without scaling")
  • Contour Fill: offset (distance of first filling round) is now equal to the other insets
  • CAM-Panel Control: button to get CNC position modified: Icon, moved to top/left, Position buttons resized
  • CAM-Panel Control: Title on top of Start Position removed
  • CAM-Panel Control: If machine has been moved from outside Cenon, you can bring it back to position with the "Set" button (or at Start).
    This only works, if get position (#GPA) is configured in device configuration.
  • CAM-Panel Layer: tool tips of layer list on extra help button ("?")
  • CAM-Panel Layer: a mirrored layer changes the direction (switch "change direction" in Layer-Details) ONLY, if a mirror Axis is defined (by two markers, like for PCBs).
    A mirror axis tells us, that the direction of the work piece should be reverted when mirrored
    Before, a mirrored axis always resulted in the actual output direction being reversed (without switch beeing set)
    Now, the "change direction" switch in Layer-Details is activated, which gives more control to the user.
  • CAM-Panel Layer-Details: better organized:
    "fill" switch moved to pocketing box "Pocket", and renamed to "pocketing"
    "Fill-Overlap" renamed to "Overlap" and moved to pocketing box,
    "Fill-Direction" renamed to "Direction" and moved to pocketing box,
    "Contourfill" switch renamed to "Contour" and moved to pocketing box,
    "mirror" switch moved to other switches on the left side
  • CAM-Panel Layer-Details: a Passive Layer can be created, and will be emphasized with "- - - - - Text - - - - -"
  • CAM-Panel Tool-Magazine: individual tool positions can be locked for each magazine
    example configuration for device file (.dev):
        tool magazine, locked positions (from to) #TML 7 10

    - the example above locks the positions 7 to 10 (the number of the position is displayed in magazine)
    - The locked tools are marked in Cenon by a cross on their left side
    - Type (for example knife), Name can't be modified
    - a locked tool can't be removed
    - It is not possible to move anything into the locked range of tools
    - Inside the locked range, nothing can be moved
    - a copy of a locked tool will be added to the end of the list
  • Range-Check: check wheather the switch to measure the tool is reachable
  • Camera+Targeting: a single Button to Define pattern/Reference and Reset/Re-Start
  • Project-Window: project window will become the key window again after output (Convenience)
  • Alert-Panels: most output alerts appear in Project- or Aggregate Window, as well as on the iPad App
    select tool, deselect tool, recalculate output, range violation
  • Camera: camera is only on if the controlPanel (or iPad app) is active
  • Output: log unknown replies, but continue. Only error aborts output
  • Output: move more secure
  • Save Output: accepts different extensions: "dat", "ngc", "nc", "hpgl", "hgl", "plt"
  • Leveling: the automatically created leveling layer can be removed
  • CAM/Devices/xyz/NC/RS-274_NGC*.dev: origin set to LL (#ORI 0)
  • Adjust Z: remove tool for measuring Z, in case #MOV (measure offset) AND automatic tool changer (#TOL) is set in device file (.dev)
  • Cutting Direction: Set the direction (CW/CCW) to all graphics when imported, copied, moved, created, or filled (if a tool compensation has been set)
  • PCB: Isolation and Blow-Up layers get the direction set
  • vhf machine: ignore complex return values from CNC controller "!..;", which are created now for vacuum (!V;) and hood (!R;)
  • Manual improved and updated

  • DXF-Import, Ellipse-Arcs: special case of Circle/Arc (ratio = 1.0)
  • DXF-Import: apply extMin/extMax if they appear reasonable, otherwise stay with defaults
    Log extMin, extMax, LL, UR for better diagnostics
    Move to origin improved for wrong drawing extents (moves to LL of coordinates)
  • DXF-Import: Import-Preferences: fallback font can be managed
  • Gerber-Import: Extension "gbr" added
  • PS-Import: ignore errors from GhostScript (in conversion and second import attempt), as long as a file has been created
  • SVG-Import: don't convert arcs to curves (only ellipses)
  • Sieb&Meier 3000 Import: remark entry added to device file
  • Cache Size (default) increased to 50 MB
    Terminal command to set cache size: defaults write com.Cenon cacheLimit 50
  • Batch-Panel: Panel content rearranged, smaller, icon removed
  • Grid-Panel: button to remove grid from within panel
  • Inspector, Layer: Font for all layer/ToolCells set to LucidaGrande 12
  • Print-Panel: paper size and orientation added to print panel (this can fix the issue of not printing landscape)
  • Template Layer: New wildcard #PAGENAM#
    #PAGENAM# displays layer name,
    #PAGENUM# displays numeric prefix of layer name or number of page in list
  • Graphics Editing: New graphics is created on selected layer (not top layer)
  • Scroll-Zoom: Command+Shift+Scroll zoomes in 10% steps
  • Text on Path: binding of text to actual Path and PolyLine implemented (before only Line, Curve, Arc)
  • Coordinate Display: improved arrangement in two lines
  • Move Object: a lot faster with large numbers of tiny objects (huge imports)
  • Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave): updated to work with New drawing on Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave),
    Interface files converted and adjusted

  • Fix, Relief: step-wise processing of relief images added
  • Fix, CAM-Panel Layer-Details: allow setting the same layer type again to the same layer, without Alert
  • Fix, CAM-Panel Tool-Magazine: possible tool mix-up between current magazine and running output fixed
  • Fix, CAM-Panel Control: without device (write to file), it was not possible to set Z origin by button
  • Fix, CAM-Panel Control: Z orientation corrected for Z origin on Surface
  • Fix, Output: improved for Arc, if radius ends up 0
  • Fix, Pick-Out: crash fixed without tool
  • Fix, Pick-Out: approach-angle for passive layers added.
  • Fix, Pick-Out (inside): Applies the depth of main layer to second filling
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: issue when defining 1st Marker right at origin (division by 0)
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: always move machine back to origin (after setting first Marker)
  • Fix, Camera: don't display camera-image if camera is not running (gray/background instead of last frame)
  • Fix, Camera-Alert/Logs: "No camera found" Alert and Log only once
  • Fix, Smoothing: only combine smoothing with true last step
  • Fix, Webs: webs close to a start point work now
  • Fix, Webs: loaded document is not generally marked as need to be saved
  • Fix, Preview Output: displayed by Z level => Relief and Webs (inverted) are displayed properly
  • Fix, Embedded Commands: #COMMAND_BEG#, #COMMAND_END# are visible with output displayed
  • Fix, Contour: issue with full (clockwise) circles solved
  • Fix, Leveling: if there is no Leveling entry defined for device (.dev), but document provides a leveling rect,
    we don't remove the tool and don't move to upper left of leveling rect
  • Fix, Origin Z: without device, increasing Z could have been blocked
  • Fix, Tool Radius Compensation: without compensation the output path is right on graphics path
  • Fix, NC-Export (G2, G3): [X Y R] support for angles > 180 degrees added (negative)
  • Fix, NC-Export (G2, G3): invert G2/G3 for flipped coordinate system (#ORI 1)
  • Fix, Output-Process: Log-Warning "Unable to load string table file" removed [since Mac OS 10.10 ?]
  • Fix, Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave): make coordinates work with Mac OS 10.14 (Apple drives us back into the stone age)
  • Fix, Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave): selected tool in Tool-Magazine was drawn with inverted color (by system)

  • Fix, Create Graphics: Coordinate reference is set to grid (was off the grid)
  • Fix, Copy/Paste: keep order of objects on layer (not in order of selection)
  • Fix, Copy/Paste: 1:1 of multiple layers to the same layers or the selected layer
  • Fix, Select with Shift: keep order of additional selections with Shift (for example in Transform->Align)
  • Fix, Undo Delete: maintain correct order of objects (for multiple deleted objects)
  • Fix: minor Memory Leaks
  • Fix, DXF-Import: improved test for drawing extends, log not implemented LAYOUT group
  • Fix, DXF-Import: use colors of layer, if no graphics color is set [since 4.0.3]
  • Fix, NC-Import: [X Y R case], arcs >= 120 degree were imported as 180 degree arcs
    angles > 180 degree supported (again ?), 180 degree arcs were rotated 90 degrees
  • Fix: document is not flagged to need saving after output without serialNumber
  • Fix, Update-Panel: display correct version number (not version of Cenon Core)
  • Fix, Preferences (workaround): Mac OS >= 10.10 didn't select any icon when opening Preferences

  • Run-Time Panel: only display the currently processed project until it is finished (potential crash) [since 4.1.0] [also 4.1.3]
  • Run-Time Panel: display the currently processed project until it is finished (potential crash) [also 4.1.3]
  • Fix, Licensing: conflict with Run-Time Panel (DataTable) solved [also 4.1.2]
  • Contour-Fill: memory usage reduced to work on computers with less memory (and 64 Bit) [also 4.1.4]
  • Fix, Contour: potential crash in raster calculation [also 4.1.2]
  • Fix, Threads: no stopping, no quitting during threads [also 4.1.2]
  • Fix, CAM-Panel, Layer: copy layer selects all objects on New layer, and removes selection on source layer [also 4.1.2]
  • Fix, Camera: Console warning removed for 32 Bit QT based frame grabbing (with Videoglide driver) [also 4.1.2]
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: huge memory leak fixed [since 4.1.1], [also 4.1.2]
  • Fix, Camera+Targeting: Console warning removed for 32 Bit QT based frame grabbing [also 4.1.2]
  • Fix, Cutting: crash with negative offset [since 4.1.1] [also 4.1.3]
  • Fix, Embedded Commands: don't lift z before sending the commands [also 4.1.3]
  • Fix, Pick-Out:
    passive layer has now it's own settings in Layer-Details
    don't calculate second filling, if not desired [also 4.1.3]
    recalculation of filling, even if original layer is off [also 4.1.3]
  • Fix, Output: potential crash after output [also 4.1.3]
  • Fix: possible crash in calculation [also 4.1.3]
  • Fix, machine moved back to tool measure position, because user clicked start before machine is back at origin [also 4.1.4]
  • Fix, Output: output-process lost correct tool, if tool order had been changed in magazine [also 4.1.4]
  • Fix, Output: split long instruction > 50 characters, including parameters [since 4.0.4], [also 4.1.4]
  • All other Fixes from Cenon 4.0 and 4.1

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