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Modifications in Cenon for versions 3.2x.

3.22 (2000/07/13)

  • Device configuration: New command for helix interpolation: #HEL
    Configuration example: helix (x-center,y-center,angle,z) #HEL "HA%.0f,%.0f,%.0f,%.0f;"
  • Tool-Panel: New tool 'Thread Cutter' with the new parameters: core diameter and pitch
  • New inspector for threads (replaces Spiral)
    Parameter are the diameter of the thread, pitch. Default is a left crew with a switch for right srews.
  • Magazine: New Entries in 'magazine'-File for thread cutter (type = 4): pitch, and coreDiameter
  • Automatic tool selection: If the right tool is selected, no extra change is performed.
  • Output with a leading empty layer is possible now.
3.21 (11.07.2000)

  • Control Panel: Tool offset is added to origin Z (flight level).
  • Tool offset can be read from CNC controller. Parameter: #TOG
    Configuration example: get tool offset #TOG "!H0;?V41;"
    The command will be send after sending the select tool command. It must be asured that the offset is read after measuring! In the example above for the CNC750 the command '!H0;' is used for this purpose.
  • Control Panel: The selected tool and the z offset will be displayed.
  • A tool should always be selected in the Tool Panel even without automatic tool selection to allow positioning in the Control Panel using the tool parameters.
  • Tool Panel: Adjust button and input field is disabled when offset is read automatically.
  • Rectangle: Improved selection of rotated rectangles
  • Bezier curve: Easier selection of knobs
  • Clean up of source code
3.20 (2000/07/03)

  • Improved handling for missing output process
  • Serial interface: Improved error messages
  • Linux: Minor changes regarding compatibility
3.20 beta 46 (2000/06/26)

  • Rectangle: move doesn't change the size
  • Inspektor Panels: Tab handling added
  • Data Panel: Tab handling improved
  • Transform Panel: Rotate added
3.20 beta 45 (2000/06/19)

  • Output: Skip empty layers
  • Output to plotter: Fixed PU/PD bug
  • Rectangle: Resize with mouse works for rotated rectangles
  • Rectangle: Mirroring works for rotated recangles
  • Text: Mirroring works for rotated text
  • PS-Import: added local exception handler for better handling of PostScript errors
  • Import: Fixed DPS-error for files draged into a Cenon Window
  • Import: Images can be opened by dragging onto the Cenon icon
  • Import: Extensions .tiff, .jpg, .gif are displayed in the open panel
  • Coordinates are displayed for the active window only
  • Group of drill markers are handled correctly
  • Undo after delete rebuilds the output path for the layer
  • Data Panel, Layer: Fixed console message 'Exception handlers were...'
3.20 beta 44 (2000/06/19)

  • Import: Fixed DPS error with automatic join and fill
  • Output: Output of selected objects

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